Business Disputes

Business Disputes

  • Want to Save Money
  • Avoid High Legal Costs
  • Give Long Drawn out Legal Disputes the Slip
  • Cut to the Bottom Line
  • Do a Deal and Get Out
  • Say What you Really Think
  • Then Mediation is the way for you

Recommended by High Court Judges and now every Court in the land.

Mediation is the modern, cost effective way to resolve disputes.

Best of all, You Control the Process - There is no judge to "Tell  you what to do"

The primary concern of business is now and always has been saving money and increasing profits. Mediation is the modern and preferred method of resolving business disputes. Going to Court is costly and time wasting. Just getting into Court can take many months.

In mediation, both parties share the costs equally. The process is controlled by the parties and entirely voluntary. Parties can withdraw from mediation at any time should they choose. Mediation is the preferred option of all Courts.

Business Disputes Mediator

Richard Armour is a qualified mediator who is able to assist with any mediation enquiries you may have.

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