Insurance is always created as a result of a party entering into a contract of insurance.

All of your rights and entitlements depend on the wording in the insurance contract and the way in which the wording must be interpreted according to law. The law is governed by a number of pieces of legislation, one of the most important being the Insurance Contracts Act. Generally, insurance companies interpret their contracts of insurance very strictly.

If ever you think you have a claim, you should speak to our expert Corporate & Commercial lawyers first. So many times, it is our unfortunate experience, that clients contact the insurance company first, “thinking they are doing the right thing” only to find that their actions have been interpreted by the insurance company in a way that was not intended by the client. In the same way as friends can each interpret differently the ruling an umpire makes in a football game, the same can occur in law interpreting a contract. It depends which “team” you are barracking for.

To give yourself the best chance of making a successful claim on your insurance, get the right legal advice first.

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