Why is Mediation So Successful?

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When it comes to handling disputes, mediation is an effective tool that can help to produce an effective resolution. Due to its informal and voluntary nature, the parties involved can address their issues non-confrontationally. The process of mediation usually takes place in a comfortable environment and is informal in nature, which is conducive to finding common ground and reaching a settlement.

There are several reasons why mediation is extremely successful at resolving conflicts. One of such reasons is the fact that it takes the decision-making off the court’s hands and puts it in the hands of the people it matters to the most.

Other reasons include:

  • Creates an avenue where the disputing parties meet together in a non-confrontational environment to solve the issues and come to an agreement. This, in particular, is vital in the area where legal issues are deeply emotional and personal. The mediation has to be done with the help of a proficient and unbiased third-party, know as the mediator
  • Results in more rapid results especially for cases on appeal, which can take some time to be resolved
  • It is a more cost-effective option compared to the conventional litigation
  • Puts off the anti-productive hard-negotiating behaviour that are often seen in unmediated bargaining sessions, which rarely result in pleasing agreement
  • Since individuals are so invested in developing their own post-dispute solutions, most disputing parties are usually pleased with the final results, unlike to people who have gone through litigation

What roles does the mediator play?

The mediator encourages the disputing partners to speak explicitly, give their personal viewpoints on the situation, talk about their interests and true needs, and then collaborate on the decision. The role of the mediator here is to ensure that;

  • Everyone is given a fair hearing;
  • The communication is productive; and
  • The atmosphere is optimistic and results-oriented.

Working with a mediator is an excellent opportunity to address conflict and develop meaningful solutions for life. With their experience, they can keep disputing parties from delving into unrelated and unhelpful discussions, making the best use of time for everyone involved.

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