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Since the 1980s Armour & Allen lawyers have been assisting clients all over Adelaide and South Australia. Over this time we are delighted to be viewed by many of our long term clients as their trusted lawyers, relationships we value highly. Today, clients come from around Australia, including our second base in Brisbane.

We dedicate our time towards helping families and business clients plan for the future and protect themselves from a need to end up in a court. Many families ask us to prepare reliable Wills and Powers of Attorney & Guardianship simply to ensure they and their loved ones have clarity ‘if the worst should happen’.

We help people in their personal lives plan agreeable terms between separated couples, particularly when children are involved. Options to bring harmony back to their lives, as much as settle on agreeable financial terms.

Mediation even between neighbours over disputes can alleviate tensions. Often our clients initially arrive unaware on some rather simple solutions to solve problems. We can help!

Business owners often utilise our skills to develop ‘iron clad’ contracts that protect their interests. Partnership agreements. Financial agreements with banks. All manner of daily tasks that make business’ run smoothly and profitably. We also assist people to liaise with Real Estate agents when purchasing or leasing properties to ensure every aspect of moving in is seamless and timely.


Areas of practice

Our lawyers specialise in a full range of legal services including:

We offer a free first interview to discuss your legal matter and needs. Your peace of mind is paramount and sometimes the simplest advice can revolutionise the quality of your life.


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Armour & Allen are specialist lawyers in Adelaide for providing legal advice tailored to your needs. We focus on realistic outcomes & guide you through the best options to achieve your goals.