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Frequently Asked Questions – Flexible Choices

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions we get regarding fees, charges & costs involved.. If you have a question that is not listed please call us or book a time so that we can give you peace of mind with an answer.

1. How will I know how much my matter will cost?

Depending on what your matter involves, as a consequence of our many years of experience, we will be able to give you a reasonably close estimate of what your legal fees might be.

2. What if I’m getting a divorce and a property settlement and I can’t afford to pay the legal fees?

If it is likely that you will receive a monetary sum from your property settlement, we can arrange to take our fees when the case finishes so that you do not have to pay anything as the case progresses.

3. If I’m in a motor vehicle accident and I’m injured, can I pay my fees out of the proceeds of my claim?

Yes. However, there may be some costs that you might have to pay along the way. Usually, cases settle out of court and very rarely go to trial but if it did become necessary for legal proceedings to be issued in your matter, you may have to pay the cost to the court for the filing fee. We would give you plenty of warning about this and so you would have ample time to set aside the necessary funds.

4. Do you have fixed fee arrangements?

Depending on the nature of your matter, yes we do. We can give you a fixed fee in advance.

5. Can I pay by instalments?

Yes: if you provide us with a credit card number or arrange for a direct debit on your bank account, we can organise instalment payments to allow you to manage your legal fees comfortably.

6. Do you have “no-win no fee”.

Yes, depending on the nature of your case. There are certain terms and conditions that apply to these types of cases. You are most welcome to attend our 1st Interview Free Scheme and we can explain the details of how these work in a no obligation, free consultation.

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