First Interview Free

First Interview Free

Why do we offer a first interview free? It has been our experience that clients often want to meet with a new lawyer to get a feel both for the service they will receive, as well as the relationship they will have with their lawyer.

The purpose of the interview is to:

  • Discuss the nature of your enquiry
  • Advise whether we are able to offer you legal assistance to resolve your matter
  • Discuss your matter in general terms

Although we will discuss your matter in general term, the intention of the first interview is to not give specific advice about your particular matter in detail. In order to give specific advice that applies particularly to your matter, you will need to instruct our form formally.

The interview often lasts approximately 30 minutes and gives clients the opportunity to establish a relationship with the lawyer.

At the conclusion of the free interview, you will be asked whether you do wish to formally instruct our legal firm. If you do, we will open a file and you will be charged for the remainder of the interview. If you choose not to proceed, there will be no fee and you are more than welcome to make a further interview to seek further advice at a later time if you wish.

The first free interview applies to all our legal services we offer:

For more information about our first interview free scheme feel free to contact our office anytime. Your peace of mind is paramount and sometimes the simplest advice can revolutionise the quality of your life.

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