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Family Lawyers

Armour & Allen are the best family lawyers in Adelaide. We cover all areas in Family law arising from divorce, child custody, child support and other related legal matters.

The breakdown of a relationship of any length is often traumatic, both for the parties and any children. We understand the stresses and implications that are associated with relationship breakdowns. Our Accredited Family Lawyers provide trusted advice, friendly guidance and the support needed to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Armour & Allen are here to help you through your difficult time by assisting you to achieve a prompt, cost-effective resolution which is realistic in your circumstances. We have a team of experienced family lawyers to provide you with compassionate and personalised advice.

We provide the legal services that you need – from the preparation of Consent Orders following an amicable resolution to vigorously defending your rights in protracted Court proceedings. We understand that a client undergoes a personal battle balancing the emotional desire to “win” or to “hurt” the other side, with the often equally as strong desire to keep legal costs to a minimum. To assist clients with this dilemma, we can offer cost-benefit assessments of each step along the road to reaching a solution.

Almost all family law matters resolve well before Trial and many of our clients are able to successfully negotiate a settlement without the need to issue Court proceedings at all.

“Thank you for your work on my file it is really appreciated. I found the process difficult but made easier with your guidance and advice” - Rachel

First Free Interview

It has been our experience that clients often want to meet with a new lawyer to get a feel both for the service they will receive, as well as the relationship they will have with their lawyer. Family law matters generally require quite sensitive discussions between lawyers and their clients; it is very important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer.

We offer a first free interview to discuss your matter. During this time we discuss the nature of your matter and provide an estimate of costs to achieve a binding resolution. The interview often lasts approximately 30 minutes and gives clients the opportunity to establish a relationship with the lawyer.

There is no obligation to engage our services. If you decide to do so, we will discuss with you the costs involved and provide you with a formal Cost Agreement.

You can prepare for your first free interview by:

  • Considering exactly what your short and long term plans are regarding the care of the children taking into account the best interests of the children
  • Considering exactly what you want from the property division
  • Preparing a written summary setting out:
  • The full names and dates of birth of the parties and the children
  • The address details of any real estate owned by either party, including an estimated value of the property and the approximate amount owing on any mortgage
  • The details of any other assets and liabilities of either party
  • Details of the assets and liabilities that you and your spouse each had at the commencement of your relationship
  • Bringing copies of the most recent superannuation statement for each fund in which you or your spouse has an interest


Areas of Expertise

The family law jurisdiction is extremely broad, encompassing:

Our team of family lawyers at Armour & Allen can provide you with the expert legal advice that you need.


Urgent Court Proceedings

In some instances it is necessary to issue Court proceedings urgently; for example, if a parent has abducted the children or where one spouse is attempting to dispose of marital assets.

Our family law team at Armour & Allen are dedicated to meeting the needs of the client and we are able to ensure Court proceedings are filed urgently, where required, to ensure the protection of your and your children’s rights.

Find out why family lawyers are important or contact us for any enquiries regarding your family matter. We offer a first 30 minute interview at no cost and no obligation.

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Armour & Allen are specialist Family lawyers in Adelaide for providing legal advice tailored to your needs. We focus on realistic outcomes & guide you through the best options to achieve your goals.