Cost of Making a Will in Adelaide

Wills & Estate Lawyers

Our Wills & Estate lawyers provide an expert and afforable Will preparation service in Adelaide CBD. We guide you through the process and ensure your nearest and dearest are protected as you intended. We also deliver total peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Special package offers

Standard Will- $300.00 plus GST

Enduring Power of Attorney- $200.00 plus GST

Advance Care Directive- $300.00 plus GST

Package: Will, Enduring Power of Attorney & Advance Care Directive- $700.00 plus GST


Why you need a Will

In the absence of a will you will die “intestate”.  This means that your estate will be divided according to the provisions of the Administration and Probate Act and not how you may prefer.  Also, there are likely to be additional costs to the beneficiaries of your estate if you do not have a valid up-to-date Will.


Enduring power of Attorney (EPOA)

In the event you lose mental capacity (e.g. dementia, coma etc.) EPOA enables you to appoint a trusted person to attend to all of your “financial affairs”.  For example, paying your accounts, operating your bank account, dealing with real estate, dealing with shares, attending to superannuation requirements etc.


Advance Care Directive (ACD)

In the event you lose mental capacity (e.g. dementia, coma etc.) an ACD enables your Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) to deal with all “life issues”.  For example, authorising medical treatment, the switching “off” or keeping “on” life support systems, arranging nursing homes, food and dietary requirements, religious practises etc.


First interview free

We offer a first interview free at no cost and no obligation (including SKYPE and telephone).

*The fees set out above are for “standard” Wills.  Please note that there may be additional charges for variations to a standard Will. Make sure to discuss this with your solicitor.


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