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Benefits of Using A Mediator

A mediator is a neutral person or third-party that brings together disputing parties to guide them towards a case resolution. Mediation is certainly a flexible process, yet without enough structure, disputing parties can be easily distracted with arguments over issues that may affect their co-operation.


Here are several benefits of using a mediator to resolve a case

Preserve your future relationships

Apart from working towards a long-term solution for the disputing parties, a mediator places a significant emphasis on how the parties will interact in the future.


Helps to identify hidden options

There are situations whereby the disputing parties become so firmed in their individual positions that they simply see the agreement as a weakness. At this time, the mediator helps to come up with solutions that can incorporate both elements of gain and compromise for each party.


No fear of publicity

Issues discussed between a party and the mediator is not disclosed to the other party. In addition to that, the confidential nature of mediation allows the disputing parties to negotiate without the fear of publicity.


Mediators are non-judgmental

Since the mediation process is dependent on mutual agreement, a mediator will neither impose a decision nor make any kind of judgment. Rather, they will help the disputing parties to find individual mutually acceptable solution.

Additionally, a mediator will:

  • Ensure your dispute remain on track and you reach a win-win solution
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for the dispute
  • Support the disputing parties in reaching an agreement
  • Help disputing parties feel confident that they have been able to settle their differences
  • Help you and your disputing party to define precisely what you are disputing


Your success in mediation depends greatly on the expertise of the mediator as well as the approach of your attorney. When choosing a mediator, ensure they are skilled in the subject matter of your dispute and experienced in the negotiating strategy. For more details on why you should use a mediator or perhaps you need one, do not hesitate to get in touch with qualified mediator at Armour & Allen. We offer a first free interview at no cost and no obligation.

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