Why Choose Us

Our law firm in Adelaide provides legal services in a variety of fields. We have strong team of lawyers who have spent years specialising in particular areas. For instance, if your case involves family law, we will assign a top lawyer with experience in that area. If you are involved in a business lawsuit, our expert in business law will deal with the matter.

Offering consistent and timely services to clients isn’t only about the result, yet how they are treated and their overall experience. We strive to maintain a close relationship with clients by exceeding expectations and meeting requirements. The following is what we promise and uphold:

  • Prioritising all cases equally – that is how we show you have our full attention and respect
  • We are contactable 24/7 so we can promptly answer any queries regarding your matter
  • Maintaining open communications – you will be fully appraised of every legal step undertaken on your behalf
  • We listen to what you want and strategise accordingly to map out a beneficial solution
  • Ensuring that we are up-to-date on all aspects of our areas of expertise
  • Put in our 100% to get the best possible outcome within a designated time frame

Our first interview is free of cost

There is no catch when it comes to our first interview free service. We understand the difficulty of people who want to meet with a lawyer yet have no idea if that individual can help them or not. The no-obligation interview is conducted free of cost to determine the following aspects:

  • Talking to the lawyer and explaining the issue at hand
  • Have a general discussion regarding the nature of the enquiry
  • Find out if a healthy relationship can be established on both sides
  • Receive advice on if our services are a good fit for you, and we can provide legal assistance to resolve the problem

It usually lasts for around 30 minutes and involves informal discussion about the matter. This interview is for your benefit – it helps you understand if the lawyer can lend a hand. After it ends, you are asked if you wish to formally consult with the firm. If the answer is in the affirmative, we treat it as a formal interview by opening a file for the matter.  In case you don’t wish to proceed, you don’t have to pay any fee, and are welcome to seek a further interview at a later date of your choosing.

The first free interview applies to all legal services offered by our firm. For more information or to discuss next steps, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Make an Enquiry

If you have a question, want further information or would like to speak to someone, make an enquiry now and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.